Shandong family and Amperex Technology Limited
  • Product
  • ES digital electronic governor
  • EI1 digital ignition controller
  • EP1 multi point electric inject
  • EC1 engine electronic control u
  • EC2 engine electronic control u
  • M series

  • MO1 excess air coefficient anal
  • MN1 nitrogen oxide analyzer
  • MK1 detonation controller
  • MD engine data acquisition term
  • S series system

  • SN engine tail gas denitrificat
  • On line analysis system of SC m
  • SE3 gas generating set control
  • SI engine information system
  • SE1 gas generating set control
  • SE2 gas generating set control
  • A series

  • AC executor
  • ACT integrated gas valve
  • AM1 mixer
  • V series valve

  • VF1 flow regulating valve
  • VE1 solenoid valve
  • VR1 pressure regulating valve
  • T series

  • TS1 wireless data module
  • C series general

  • CI general engineering module
  • Sensor

  • Sensor
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    Comeriver product

    It provides a customized power gas engine / generator automatic control system and so on.

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    Comeriver information service

    Suitable for different types, different brands of host, provide comprehensive information service.

  • Technology
  • Biogas Generator Set
  • Other gas generator sets
  • Gas generator set
  • Natural gas engine unit
  • Parts

  • High precision sensor -- thermo
  • High precision sensor—— pre
  • Other parts of engine mainframe
  • Technical service

  • On-site installation, debugging
  • Unit value added service
  • Technical support and service
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    Service support

    ComeriverThe customer service center starts to run and provides the "7*24 hour" support service for the customer.

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    Accessory service support

    The dealer network, you can easily purchase the necessary pure accessories in the local area.

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  • What can we do?

    To be the leading leader in the development and control of advanced internal combustion engines, provide advanced technology

    Science and beauty and business: control system supporting, information service, unit value-added service, accessories...

    Comeriver product

    Enterprise tenet

    亚博体育app下载安装苹果版和A strict quality management system to ensure the excellent performance of the product

    Comeriver product